Drawing Tips

Accessing Metadata

Metadata refers to information about objects and text, such as the author, when the object or text was created, area, length, etc. To access the metadata, select the object or text (it becomes highlighted when you roll over it with the Hand tool) and click. An comment box appears with the metadata in it.

Polygon Tool

The polygon tool automatically links the two endpoints of any shape you draw, and has interesting behavior when you start crossing lines. In general, the tool tries to highlight the inside of the shape, but is not always accurate. As a rule of thumb, avoid crossing lines if possible.


When you need to point to a location or show a route, but don't want to do this with permanent ink, use the fade pen….it fades away after a few seconds.

Measuring Tools

Along with finding lengths and areas (acres) in the object metadata, there are also 2 tools to make 1-time measurements. They work exactly like the pen and polygon tools, but leave a dotted trail rather than a solid line; they also do not leave any residual marks on the map.

VIDEO: Drawing tips