SCOUT Home Page

The SCOUT Home Page is at HTTP://SCOUT.CA.GOV

When you navigate to the site, you will see the SCOUT home page. From it, you may access the SCOUT application by clicking on either the:

  • Incident Login for use on real incidents only, or
  • Training Login to conduct training or for other non-emergency use

From this home page, an authorized individual can also register for a SCOUT account; retrieve your password using the "Forgot Your Password" service; access this Help Site; Submit Comments; and View Announcements that have been posted by a SCOUT Administrator.

SCOUT front page

The SCOUT Front Page

You may also check on Announcements from within the SCOUT application as shown below.

SCOUT front page

Announcements Window

SCOUT Login Page

In order to access the SCOUT application, you must have a SCOUT account with a username and a password, which is obtained when you “Register” and after the SCOUT administrator for your organization has approved your application online.

Once authorized, users can login by providing their username and password in the provide areas. A user can also request their SCOUT password be sent to the email address they provided during registration by clicking on the “Forgot your Password” link.