Incidents and Rooms

Like ICS, SCOUT is organized by named Incidents. Users are able to select and join an incident and then observe, copy, collaborate or share with others also in that incident.

Within each Incident are separate workspaces called Rooms where users can create context for their own situational awareness (My Map) and collaborate and share information with others. This can be achieved using either the Share My Map function using the WorkingMap room or via access to secure or closed rooms when approved and authorized. My Map, Share My Map, IncidentMap, WorkingMap, and permissions are described later.

Create/Join An Incident

Incidents are created and joined using the INCIDENT drop-down menu on the upper right top toolbar. The incident you are currently in is displayed next to that menu. You may switch between incidents by selecting other incidents from the INCIDENTS menu. A large number of previous incidents are stored in the Archived folder.

The Inicidents menu located at the top right of the desktop

Incidents menu in the top right of the interface

After joining an incident, you will be able to access the incident's collaboration room(s) for which you have permission. Automatically, every incident has at least two rooms: The IncidentMap which can be thought of as a common map for all SCOUT users, and the WorkingMap which is where many different plans are drafted.

In addition, authorized users involved in the incident can create any number of additional rooms for specific needs, some which are visible to everyone and some that are not, especially when working on sensitive topics.

Users generally have two kinds of permissions: “Read and Copy”, which allows them to look at selected rooms and copy what they see (this can be pasted in their own private workspace, MyMap), and “Read-Copy-Write", which allows them to create graphics on approved maps (draw, annotate with text, add symbols, etc.).

Create A New Incident

To create a new incident, selected authorized users use the INCIDENT pull-down menu.

The Inicidents menu located at the top right of the desktop

Create an incident from the Incidents menu

Rooms are created and joined using the ROOMS drop-down menu on the upper left top toolbar. You can only create or join a room if you are in an incident.

You may "open" more than one room from the ROOMS drop-down menu. Each room that you open is shown in a TAB to the right of the ROOMS menu. You can only be in one room at a time; you can cycle between rooms by TABBING between rooms.

Rooms location in interface

Rooms menu is in the top left of the interface

If a room you need is not available in the ROOMS menu, you can use the CREATE NEW ROOM feature to select from an assortment of pre-named rooms or create a completely new room.

Your “My Map” Workspace

The My Map room is Your Personal Private Workspace that is independent of all incidents; it is always available for your use. Use it to draft up a plan or create your situational awareness before sharing it with others within another room.

Rooms location in interface

My Map

Note: All information that is created or copied into your “My Map” room is saved until deleted, even if you log out of SCOUT. Users should use caution when sharing or copying information from this room with others. Please ensure you are only sharing or copying the information intended to be shared or copied.

Share My Map information can be found on the Share My Map help page

VIDEO: Joining incidents and rooms