Chat Help

Chat is available on a single-room basis. Selecting chat will connect the mobile user to the chat within the collaboration room selected above.

A user can only be in one room at a time.


Chat enables a mobile user to exchange text with other users in the same collaboration room. It doesn't matter if those are mobile or web UI users.

Note that if you are logged into both you will not see your own messages. Thus if you are testing why text you entered on the mobile device does not show up in the chat room on the web it is because of this feature. It an "echo" of the message being sent to your mobile device.


Many devices are equipped with voice to text option. It is very useful and can save a great deal of time when entering content, especially if using a keyboard is awkward or time consuming.

Once the voice to text is complete select or edit your entered text and hit enter.

Text chat works the same way as traditional chat environments. If you lose connectivity during the session your chat log will be updated with any activity that went on while you were out of range once you reconnect. chatEnter