Incident and Room Help

When you have successfully logged into the server the "Join Incident" drop-down will become available. Selecting this button will display the list of incidents available on the server.



Note: if you do not see the incident you want then it is possible that you have selected the wrong workspace (Training vs. Incident) or the wrong server entirely. In this case the best thing is to log out and select a different workspace or server. Another option is that your incident has been archived. Please log into SCOUT through the web UI to verify. selectIncident

Once the incident has been selected the name appears at the top along with the "general message" and "reports" icons.

General messages and reports are incident-wide. This means that any general message is visible to all users throughout the incident regardless of their collaboration room. The same is true for reports.

In addition to these buttons the "join room" button also becomes enabled.


Selecting "join room" will display a drop-down of available rooms. Please note that if you have not been given permission to a room it will not be available in the drop down. Only rooms that you have permission to join are displayed in the list.

Select a room from the list to join it. You may select other rooms but you may only be in one room at a time. This means that chat or markup that is happening in other collaboration rooms will not be visible until you return to them.


Once a room is selected the room name is displayed at the top, above the chat and map buttons.This is the main display for the SCOUT mobile application.

The chat button will enable you to chat with other users, mobile and web UI, in the selected collaboration room.

The map button will display the whiteboard markup from the collaboration room that has been selected.