Download and Login Help

Download the SCOUT Android mobile application from the SCOUT server at:

Download the SCOUT Apple mobile application from the Apple Appstore at:

Printable PDF with QR Codes for Apple and Android Apps for ICP display

The best way to do this is to copy and paste this link in an email to the mobile device you intent to install the application on.

It is also important to ensure that your phone settings allow the installation of 3rd party applications.

Please remember that SCOUT Mobile requires a valid email account username (legacy SCOUT usernames that are not email addresses will not work).

Also note that these screen shots were taken with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, your aspect ratio may make the displays seem slightly different.


Once the application is downloaded and installed you will find it in your applications. Feel free to drag the icon to a more accessible location, such as your main display.

If you are re-installing or installing a new version of the application it is best practice to uninstall the older version. If you do not do this it may cause a crash on loading the new application.

If you are not certain which version you have you can find out by going to your phone settings and selecting SCOUT from the list under Application Manager. The version is provided at the top.

Loading the application will display the splash screen and version number. welcome

As previously mentioned, the SCOUT mobile application requires a valid login with email address.

Enter your user name and password.

If this is your personal device it is recommended that you check "remember username".

If you typically frequent the same SCOUT server then check "automatically login".

Select which workspace you wish to log into: Incident (for actual events) or Training (for testing and training).

Note if you do NOT wish to log into the SCOUT Production server hosted at the San Diego Super Computer Center in CA, you may select a different server by selecting the wrench icon in the upper right.


Pressing the "Sign in" button connects the mobile device to the selected server with the username and password provided.

The mobile application will then load the available incidents and collaboration rooms. Note that archived incidents are not available. Also note that the mobile application cannot create new incidents or collaboration rooms.