General Message Help

General message enables users to share geo-tagged ../images throughout an incident.


Selecting the general message button will display a list of all the general messages currently in the incident. Select an item in the list to display its properties.

To create a new message select the green "+" from the upper right corner next to the incident name.


../images can be selected in one of two ways: either captured live from the camera (capture image) or from ../images stored on the device (browse gallery).

Once an image is chosen, select a recipient from the drop-down list.

The location of the image can either be manually entered or set by pressing the target button to the far right of the lat/lon values.

A description or instructors to the recipient should be provided below.

Once these fields have been filled out the message can be saved as a draft to be edited later or submitted for distribution.


The percentage complete will display for ../images being submitted.

Please note that if you are not within cell coverage ../images will be queued for sending once connectivity is restored.

As new general messages are received alerts will be displayed.

Keep in mind that general messages are visible to everyone, not just to the recipient category it was addressed to.