Report Help

Reports are available to all users within the incident. Select the report button from beneath the selected incident to view or create new reports.

Depending on your organization there may be multiple different types of reports available. Most users will have the "damage survey" report available. reportTypes

Similar to general messages, reports are displayed as a list sorted by date and time. Selecting an item from the list will display its contents.

Press the green "+" in the upper right corner to create a new report. Alternatively users can create new reports from existing ones.


To create a new report from an existing one, select the report you wish to use as a template and then select "copy a new report" from the upper right corner.

The report contents are displayed as an accordion-style menu where areas are expandable and collapsible.


To add new items to the report either create a new report from the list view or create a new report from the one you are viewing. Add item will appear under the "damage information' category.

Once an item is added the type of damage and percent damage may be edited. To edit the percent damage touch the box to the left of the item and select a new amount.

Items may be deleted by pressing the "X" to the right of the name.

Reports may be saved as drafts for later editing or submitted.