Settings Help

The mobile application settings are available by pressing the wrench symbol in the upper right corner of the display.

There are two settings categories: general and sync.


General settings provide a variety of options pertaining to the general operation of the mobile application.

Laser Range Finder: The mobile application provides a setting to enable location data input from a blue-tooth enabled laser range finder. Please see below for additional information.

Show Debug Tab: Enables an additional tab on the chat display. This should be enabled if you are experiencing errors and would like to capture debug information which can aid developers in diagnosing your problem.

GPS Mobile Device Tracking: Disabling this option prevents your device from being tracked under AVL settings on the map display. Enable this option (default setting) to show up under Mobile Device Tracking.

Select SCOUT Server: Shows the current server which will be used when logging on. Different servers can be selected from this option. Note that selecting a different server will log you out of the current server.

Coordinate Display Format: Enables the user to select between Decimal Degrees, Degrees and Decimal Minutes, Degrees/Minutes/Seconds, UTM and MGRS for lat/lon displays.


If the LRF is enabled an additional button will be displayed next to the target-icon button in General Message and Damage Report. This button will trigger a call to the laser range finder. Upon the next reading the location data will be provided in the lat/lon locations.

Note that you may need to pair or power on your LRF device. If this is the case then the app will ask you to pair your device first before taking the next reading.

SCOUT does not endorse any products. At this time only the TruPulse 360b is compatible with the mobile application.


The Sync settings affects how often your phone communicates with the SCOUT server. Please be aware that the SCOUT application will use the your carrier's data service to communicate. These settings adjust how often your phone will request updates.

The faster you set your updates the more accurate your picture will be, however it may impact the performance of your device and amount of data you use.

Default settings are considered reasonable for most operations.