“My Map” and “Share My Map”

The 'My Map' space is your own private workspace. No one else can see it unless you choose to share what you have drawn, as explained below.

You can use My Map to copy & paste graphics and text you have seen in another room (e.g., a fire perimeter) or create completely new graphics and annotations. You may do whatever you like in this space.

Information in My Map is persistent: it is saved if you quit SCOUT, and it will be there when you next log in, even if you log into a different Incident.

There are three ways to share the contents of My Map with others.

(1) Share My Map: You can open another room and, if you have the right permissions, temporarily overlay your My Map contents onto that room. You do this by first selecting the other room, then selecting the “Share My Map” button. Anyone in that other room will now see your contents overlaid on that room.

If you unselect the “Share My Map” button, or if you tab to another room, your content will disappear from the room (no one else will see it either) but remains in your My Map workspace.

In the example below, a user created a red shape in his My Map workspace, then selected the tab for the room “WorkingMap,” which is darkened to show it is selected, and then selected the tab for “Share My Map,” which is also darkened.

Share my map

(2) “Copy Drawings From…..” : You can also permanently paste all the contents of your My Map to an open room by using the command in the Tools => Room Management menu called “Copy Drawings From ‘My Map’ to current collaboration room.” This permanently places that content into the open room, so it is important that you have the permission of the owner of that room to execute that paste function.

Share my map in dropdown

(3) Copy & Paste: You can also permanently paste (although the features can be changed or deleted) some or all of the content in My Map using the Copy and Paste commands as discussed earlier. Select what you wish to copy in My Map by highlighting it, then open the room you want to paste to, and select the Paste command. As above, this is a permanent paste, so be sure to be in sync with the owner of that room.

As with most actions, you, or anyone else in the room with sufficient privileges, can reverse a Paste function with the UNDO button.

VIDEO: two screens after sharing maps