Main Toolbar

The main toolbar is always accessible unless you have hidden all windows on the screen. It contains links to all the most common map manipulation and drawing features of SCOUT.

The main toolbar

Tools from left to right: Drag (Hand or Pointer tool), Select, Zoom, Erase, Draw, Applications (in development), Undo, Redo, Copy, and Paste

The Drag/Hand/Pointer Tool allows you to select individual objects on the map and move them. It also allows you to pan the map by dragging the landscape. Other pan methods can be found here. Finally, you can click on individual objects to bring up all metadata contained in them.

The Select Tool lassoes multiple objects at once. Any operations you can perform on a single object can be performed on a group of selected objects.

The Zoom Tool will zoom into the map screen. Clicking on a location will zoom into wherever you clicked. Alternatively, you can use the zoom box tool to zoom into an area selected by the box. Other zoom methods can be found here.

The Erase Tool works similar to the Select Tool, but removes any objects that are selected.

The Draw button opens the drawing palette. More information can be found here.

The Apps button opens a list of applications available within SCOUT. This is similar to the highly successful “App Store” model of other platforms like smartphone and tablet vendors.

The Undo and Redo buttons allow you to undo or redo any recent actions including but not limited to drawing, erasing, or pasting. Action history goes back 5 actions.

The Copy and Paste functions allow users to copy currently selected objects/text and paste them into the current room or other rooms. Select an object or text with the HAND tool (it becomes highlighted) and then select Copy and Paste.

VIDEO: The Main Toolbar