Importing and Exporting GIS Files

GIS data is used in many different applications. SCOUT has a function to import and export GIS data.

Importing GIS Data:

Files can be uploaded to the SCOUT server from other GIS databases, but that capability is currently limited to selected administrators. However, once uploaded, these data layers can be accessed via the DATA pull down menu. Below is a sample of many of these layers. Note that some incident-specific folders have been automatically created in the “Upload” folder.

upload folder

Exporting GIS Data: To export data from a room, go to Tools => Room Management => Export Room and select either KML or SHAPE format. The folder will be downloaded to your computer’s download folder. You can then use it in another application (e.g., viewing a KML file in Google Earth) or send it to another user using conventional means (e.g., email attachment).

room export menu

Export the room from the tools menu

You can access the same KML URL by going to Tools => Room Management => Get Room Info and copy the URL from the popup window.

VIDEO: Using kml files