Site Help

I can't see any video players

This site uses the new html5 <video> tags to display video content. If the videos are not showing, please upgrade to the newest browser version.

The videos aren't playing

Videos on this site use the new open format WebM to keep costs low and avoid licensing issues.

If you are using IE9 to view this site, please download the Webm for IE plugin.

If you are using Safari, download the Webm for Quicktime plugin.

The videos are low quality

Chances are you are using Firefox 3.5-4.0
These versions of Firefox use the Ogg format, which does not compress as well. Videos are encoded to a low bitrate in order to allow use of the site in low bandwith (<300kbps) conditions. Upgrade to the latest browser.

Search shows up errors or blank

Try one of the following things:

  1. Words under 3 letters are not helpful to search. Use longer words.
  2. Use different words to describe what you are trying to find.The more words the better.
  3. The navigation to the left can lead you to what you are looking for. Check each chapter heading.

SCOUT isn't updating

Occasionally, your browser may lose connection with the SCOUT server. This is shown via a notification under the navigation controls.

Disconnection notification

The disconnect notification

SCOUT will try to regain connection to the servers, after which it will refresh all the rooms you are subscribed to